Pros and Cons of a Humidifier

When you think about it there are no cons to having a humidifier in your house.  If you have a forced hot air furnace you should have a humidifier.  Honeywell makes a bi pass or a flow through humidifier that is both effective and easy to install. It can be maintained yearly by a home owner with little effort.  Another option is the Honeywell Steam Humidifier.  This unit has many features.  It use 70% less water then a standard humidifier.  It can also be mounted up to 20 feet away from the furnace to allow for almost any installation situation.  A Pro 8000 IAQ thermostat is a nice added feature to your Tru Steam Honeywell Humidifier. This touch screen thermostat allows you to control your humidifier as well as the temperature in your house.  Unlike a standard humidifier the Tru Steam Humidifier will run when your heat is not on.  By turning the fan on and putting steam into the house your house’s temperature will feel warmer then it is.  This humidifier is also easily maintained by a home owner by washing it out with some soap and water.  It comes with a replaceable water filter to prevent wear and tear on the humidifiers components.  I think that the only cons are the ones caused by not having a humidifier.  Dry mouth, itchy throats, static electricity and not to mention dry cooler air. Most installations are done with in two hours for a quick inconvenient appointment.